Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chassis number and radiator support numbers

The number on the right shock tower is the VIN, (they matched the engine number on all early falcons), the radiator support number basically duplicates what is on the id tag, but these numbers are not unique to your vehicle (an identical spec vehicle may well have been produced on the same date) it would therefore have many of the same numbers, with the exception of the serial prefix and sido numbers.

The radiator support is normally a combination of the serial prefix and serial number – eg ‘XPROD139645′ – ‘XPROD’ is the prefix and gives model (XP) and the assembly plant (R), and production year/month (OD) and the serial number is 139645 which is the number off the prod line presumably. These numbers should match the serial prefix and serial number on the ID tag which is either on the radiator support panel or the inner guard depending on the model.

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