Thursday, June 4, 2015

XP Falcon build sheets


Thanks to Adrian at the Ford Discovery Centre for the Falcon’s build details.

Ever wondered how rare that Squire was? Well, let me take you half way there. I have a copy of the Ford Production Sheets for 1965. This does not cover ’66, but I am hoping they will turn up.

In the mean time, let me tell that ’65 build brake down of models and options looked like this:

Body Styles

TOTAL Squire Wagons    0.2%
TOTAL Futura Hardtops    0.6%
TOTAL Futura Sedans    1.1%
TOTAL Falcon Hardtops    5.1%
TOTAL Vans        6.0%
TOTAL Utes        10.3%
TOTAL Falcon Wagons    27.7%
TOTAL Falcon Sedans    48.9%
144s – just Low-compression    3%
170s – Pursuit            9%
144s – (including L.C. above)    22%
200s – Super Pursuit        69%
Automatics 3 Speed –        9%
Automatics (all, inc 2/3 speed) –    35%
Manual –    65%

If you want to see them all together here they are. So you can March, April and May, was the peak XP time.

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