Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Handmade XP Falcon models in 1/25th scale


Rob has created a very small number of XL and XP falcon models in 1/25th scale (about double the size of trax). They are a hand-built, hand painted and are pretty rare. This is the first time that Aussie Ford Falcons have been produced in this size, and also the first time a model of the XP ute, XP army ute and XP ‘homicide’ car have been produced.

A few of the models are based on cars I actually owned at one time or another (having kept the ID tags for paint and trim references).

ROB (5)

They are resin cast, hand painted and hand assembled and the production numbers are extremely low. Once sold out they are not reissued to maintain their collectability. Because of this they are not ‘cheap’ but they are unique and something only several other people in the world will own.

XP Falcon Deluxe sedan (car from the TV series ‘Homicide’)


ROB (2)ROB (3)ROB (4)ROB (1)

XP standard ute with period box trailer

Please go to my webpages with more detailed photos, prices and current availability are below:

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